Taurex Tyre – For the Road Forward

We endeavor to actively support our customers with supplying high-qualified, reliable and excellent tyres and non-tyre products.

Who we are

Taurex Tyre is a tyre manufacturing specialist located in Weihai, where Mainland China reached the deepest to the ocean.

As a fast-growing company, Taurex Tyre progressively developed a growing reputation as a leading rubber product and original equipment tyre supplier.

The products of Taurex Tyre are already running in more than 30 countries all over the world. The global presence of the brand continues to grow every year.

What we do

The company has four main business sectors, and products are popular and sold well in the domestic and oversea market. These extensive ranges provide comprehensive coverage of all rubber tyres and relevant applications.
– Commercial Specialty Tyre
– Motorcycle Sport Tyre
– Non-tyre Product
– Exclusive Brands

Our Advantages

Taurex Tyre adheres to our own ideas, solidarity and enthusiasm, provides innovative services and products through direct conversations with our customers.
– Taurex Value Creation
– Technical Support
– Guarantee and Protection
– Logistic Support
– Sustainable Development
– Global Biz Partners

“Ours is not a new story, just a new name”

Our Vision

The company has a sustainable development strategy and strives to become an innovative, responsible, high-performing, globally competitive, reliable, and trustworthy world-class enterprise.

Project the most fit-in services and products for customer requests.

Serve customers with sincerity, accomplish ourselves with quality.

Keep the ongoing promotion of our private brand portfolio.