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Important Notice: Resumption of work in preparations for production

According to Government Announcement, in order to prioritize employee health and safety amidst the impact of the coronavirus in the city, meantime to complete the previous order on time, the company decided to resume work from Feb 10th.


  1. 销售部门2月10日复工(允许居家办公)Sales department resume work on Feb 10th (partial resumption of work at home)
  2. 生产及其他部门2月17日复工Production and other department resume work on Feb 17th
Previous Notice

Updated: Jan 27,2020

鉴于新型冠状病毒肺炎的传播趋势,中国政府今天宣布将 2020 年春节假期延长至 2 月 2 日(周 日),公司具体安排如下:

China Government announced on January 27 that the Lunar New Year holiday will be extended to February 2 as a measure to control the novel coronavirus. Our company’s arrangement is as the following:

  1. 2020 年春节假期延长至 2 月 2 日(周日),2 月 3 日(周一)起正式上班。The 2020 Lunar New Year holiday is extended to February 2 (Sunday). The first working day will be February 3 (Monday).
  1. 因特殊原因不能休假的职工,应根据《中华人民共和国劳动法》规定安排补休,未休假期的 工资报酬将按照劳动法与国家相关法规落实。公司也已进一步加强对假日上岗员工的健康防护工作。Employees who are unable to take leave can take deferred holidays in accordance with the Labor Law. Wages and remuneration for the untaken leave will be paid in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Pandemic control measures have been enhanced at all sites and offices to ensure employees’ health and safety.
  1. 以上安排适用于中国大陆地区员工。The above arrangements apply to employees on the Chinese Mainland.

与此同时,请各位同事继续遵循以下原则,确保自己和他人健康. At the same time, we ask our employees to continue to follow the advice below:

  1. 暂停前往湖北出差。前往其他地区出差也请先考虑当地疫情注意防护。若因私人原因前往湖北,请立即知会您的上级主管、当地EHS部门。All business trips to Hubei province are prohibited. For business trips to other locations, please consider the scale of the epidemic situation and take proper preventive measures. If you travel to Hubei province for personal reasons, please inform your supervisor and your site EHS immediately;
  1. 任何员工从湖北返回,请勿前往办公室,亦勿与任何同事、客户或业务伙伴在 其它地点会面。此外,请员工本人向上级主管汇报,自我隔离 14 天。在家隔离期间视作出勤,不影响薪资福利。员工如未有感到任何相关症状,隔离期满后将返回公司工作。如员工 在隔离期出现呼吸道症状,请及时前往医院发热门诊就医,并第一时间通知上级主管、当地 EHS 部门。If you return from Hubei province, please do not come to any company sites or offices, and do not meet any colleagues, customers or business partners elsewhere. Moreover, please inform your supervisor immediately and take self-quarantine for 14 days. It is deemed as “attendance to work” during the quarantine period – wages and benefits will be paid as usual. Afterwards you can return to work if there are no symptoms such as fever or respiratory symptoms. If you have fever or respiratory symptoms during the quarantine period, please seek professional help at the nearby hospital for treatment in time and notify your supervisor and site EHS as soon as possible;
  1. 请避免带病工作,如果有感冒症状,请留在家中休息。如出现发热症状,请及时前往医院发 热门诊就医,并第一时间通知上级主管、当地 EHS 部门。中国大陆各办公室将立即实施体温门检制度。If you have fever or respiratory symptoms, please stay at home. You are advised to seek professional help at the nearby hospital if you have fever. Please notify your supervisor and your site EHS immediately. All offices on the Chinese mainland will implement fever screening at the gate shortly;
  1. 尽量避免人群聚集场所,采取必要的防护措施,包括在室外活动时佩戴口罩,勤洗手,避免接触有呼吸道症状人群等。Avoid visiting crowded places, and take necessary protective measures, including wearing masks during outdoor activities, washing hands frequently, and avoiding contact with people with respiratory symptoms.

我们将继续密切观察事态进展,并通知大家相关建议及安排。We will continue to closely monitor the situation and inform you of relevant suggestions and arrangements in due course.